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The Google Mobile Penalty – Five Months On

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The Google mobile penalty for non-mobile optimized websites has now been in play for over five months and we’ve taken a look at what effects it has made in this time frame. As with any changes to Google’s algorithm, some online businesses have the chance to be absolutely destroyed by changes made by Google, but […]

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Here’s What Google is Looking for in 2015

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In this article we take a look at some of the trends Google are looking for in 2015. Sticking to these trends is bound to help your SEO efforts, and avoiding them may even have some negative consequences. We’ll be talking about the importance of mobile friendly websites, changes being made to support local businesses […]

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PC, Mobile and Apps Compared in 2015

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the different areas desktop websites, mobile sites and apps can excel in, and how they all play a part of the picture that makes up a successful online business. In an ideal world, a business should be able to utilize all three, but […]

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Tips to Turn Your Mobile Website Into a Valuable Business Asset

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All the hype these days is around mobile this and mobile that, and for the most part you’re probably feeling obliged to create a mobile website or an app for your business. The trouble is, getting a mobile website developed costs money, and as a business it’s important to recuperate these costs. There are ways […]

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How a Call to Action Should be Delivered on a Mobile Website

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You might be an expert at grabbing the attention of your customers with a stylish desktop call to action, but a mobile website CTA is not the same. The way your customers browse from a mobile is a lot different to desktop browsing and for this reason you’ll need to think about how a call […]

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Five Reasons Why 2015 Is The End of the Road for Non-Mobile Business Owners

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

We wouldn’t say it’s entirely impossible to survive in 2015 without a mobile website, but if you run a business that relies on some form of online portal, you’re going to find 2015 is going to be a tricky year. Below, we have listed some of the main reasons why 2015 could be the end […]

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The Google Mobile Penalty – What to Expect On April 21, 2015

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

There’s no real way of knowing exactly what will happen with search rankings after a new Google update, but the upcoming Google mobile penalty is clearly going to have some drastic effects on non-mobile optimized web pages. What is the Google Mobile Penalty? Firstly, Google is set to make changes to the way it’s search […]

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Is Mobile Web Important in 2015? – A Look at the Stats

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

After the huge hype surrounding the recent explosion of smartphone usage over the last few years, it’s natural to be skeptical of whether the mobile web is still relevant or not. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the current health of the mobile web, and comparing it to more traditional desktop-based internet. […]

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Here’s How Businesses Benefit From the Internet of Things

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

Do businesses benefit from the internet of things? It’s a question that seems to be thrown around a lot recently, and not many people seem to have a solid answer for it. The internet of things, or the IoT for short, is a term used to explain the recent shift towards an internet-connected world where […]

Desktop vs Mobile

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook the Desktop

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Everywhere you look, industry insiders, analysts and those involved with the mobile world are touting mobile web as the next big thing. It’s being heralded as the ruling form factor for browsing the internet, and it’s growth is claimed to be unrivaled. While a lot of this is true, and there are stats to back […]

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What Devices Are Used Most? – Interesting Internet Stats

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

As the internet has evolved to support more web-ready devices, the way users interact with the internet has changed. More users are connecting via different platforms than ever before, and as a business it is important to understand where connections are coming from. It’s easy to assume that desktop and mobile account for the biggest […]

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The One Web Solution for Tablets, Smartphones and Desktops

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

A one web solution involves a website that can be optimized for multiple form factors at once – it’s a responsive web design that can save businesses money as it only takes one development process, but it can be used for a variety of different devices, including tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs. In this article […]

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eCommerce vs Mcommerce – the Stats Compared, and why Mobile is Winning

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

The consumer world has been ruled by the internet over the last decade, but since smartphone usage has been on a rise, mobile shopping has started to become more relevant than standard web shopping. In this article, we put the two methods of shopping against each other to see which one offers the best results, […]

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Are Mobile Websites Useful? – Here’s Proof

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

You may have been told time and time again to update your website to something more mobile friendly, but after hearing all of this advice, one very important question seems to arise above others – are mobile websites useful? From a business perspective, there are many reasons why mobile websites could be useful, but instead […]

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Responsive Website Design – Pros & Cons

Posted by Boost One Mobile         5:20 am

For those unaware, responsive website design is a form of website that can easily adapt to any form factor the website is displayed on. Whether it’s on a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop PC, a responsive website will work fluidly to display content to it’s visitors. There are both pros and cons to acquiring […]