Here’s How Businesses Benefit From the Internet of Things

Do businesses benefit from the internet of things? It’s a question that seems to be thrown around a lot recently, and not many people seem to have a solid answer for it. The internet of things, or the IoT for short, is a term used to explain the recent shift towards an internet-connected world where everything from your TV to your car can connect to the internet. In a sense, it’s a consumer driven approach that gives individuals quick access to tools, services and information.

We think it works both ways, and there should be plenty of ways your business can benefit from the IoT.

Internet of Things

More Efficient for Both Customers and Employees

If it gets to the point where individuals are given access to a constantly connected internet, it can only mean more efficiency on both sides of the fence. Firstly, customers can be more widely aware of any new activities in your business. Customers could opt-in to receive promotions from you that could be sent to their smart watch or smartphone. You can also advertise to potential clients in your area with various SEO & other online marketing efforts. Location based technology and NFC could be used to provide more relevant information to any locals that either walk past or enter your place of business.

Providing a constant connection to the internet to all of your customers will also give them the opportunity to see updates from your business in real time. They no longer have to wait to get home or reach a mobile hotspot. Wearable technology could give your customers an even faster look at notifications or promotions – for example, individuals would see content sent to their smart watch almost immediately.

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Your business could also benefit from the internet of things. A near constant connection to your employees will allow you to communicate and collaborate with one another effectively without any interference. Thanks to SMS and IM messaging, things are already pretty convenient for businesses in the 21st century, but going the extra step towards a connected internet will allow you and your business partners to use online web apps and software that you can use to better collaborate with one another, no matter where you are.

New Business and Startup Potential

The shift towards the internet of things and a constant connectivity also opens up a lot of opportunities for new businesses and startups. There are many new gadgets and pieces of tech out there that are currently being designed to merge certain technology with internet connectivity. Those with a smart idea and a good knowledge of the industry could stand a good chance at making something special within the next few years.

As the concept behind the internet of things starts to mature, unique designs for technology will potentially help shape future trends. Current top manufacturers are finding it hard to put across their new innovations, and many smaller businesses are now getting exposure for showing off exciting new ideas for the internet industry.

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Businesses will be able to benefit from the internet of things by using the connected internet to increase productivity and boost customer engagement. On another level, the shift towards a more connected world will help new businesses emerge, and give lots of potential towards startups and new businesses with innovative, unique ideas.

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