How to Engage Your Site Viewers Through Mobile Web Pages

One of the great benefits of having a mobile website is being able to engage your site visitors through the use of built-in smartphone functionalities. With a well-made website, not only will you be able to showcase all of the information necessary for a potential customer in lightning quick speed, but you’ll also be able to embed widget-like functions that can be accessed with a smartphone.

For example- You could embed a click to call function that can be activated when viewing your business’ contact details. This will allow potential customers to call you with the tap of a button instead of writing down the number, leaving the website and then opening up the dialer and dialing in the number. This will make things a lot faster for potential customers and it’s a feature that, although simple-sounding, can be used to make a much greater impression on your overall website.

There are many other features and functionalities that could be inserted into your website to help your visitors make the most of it. Once again, all of these features help speed up browsing time by allowing visitors to replace the long, dull manual tasks with tasks that can be completed automatically by their smartphones.

Another good example is having a built-in mapping function within your mobile website- If you have a physical location; you could use this mapping function to allow users to check where you are and how to get to you from their location. This would allow them to stay focused on other important information on the app whilst quickly taking a look at the map every time they need an update on how close they are to you.

There are a lot of other features that can be used to help make your mobile website work well alongside smartphones and tablets, and a lot of these functions are key to engaging your site visitors and allowing them access to everything they need to know about your business within seconds.

Now that a very large number of people have access to smartphones, many people have started to adapt to the fast-paced nature that a smartphone can send and receive data, and because of this many people will have low attention spans and will turn down something they may be interested in because they are too lazy at that moment to manually gather information, make calls or check locations. This is where built-in mobile web functions can really help to improve your website, and it’s one of the many reasons why mobile websites stand out from standardized websites previously designed just for desktop and laptop PCs.