How to Build a Mobile Website – Tutorial

If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering about how to build a mobile website. Whether you have advanced coding knowledge, or would have better luck trying to read an alien language backwards, there are many options out there for you. Read through this mobile website tutorial to learn how to build a mobile website whatever your circumstances.

For those with Coding Knowledgemobile-website-code

If you have the required coding knowledge to develop your own site, this part of the mobile website tutorial will give you tips on the kind of features you should be aiming for on your webpage.


When developing a mobile website, always aim to make it as simple as possible. The simpler and more minimal the website is, the quicker it will load on slow mobile data connections, and the more optimized it will be for less advanced mobile browsers.


Take inspiration from other websites and plan ahead. Always think about the content you’d like to include, and where you’d like to include it before starting to code.

Front Page Content

The kind of content you’ll want on your front page will depend on the type of website you are developing. The front page should be used as a space where the majority of users will be able to find what they are looking for right away. Don’t hide important website features, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to tuck away unnecessary features into other pages and menus.

For Those without Coding Knowledge

This part of the mobile website tutorial will suggest ways to build a mobile website for those who don’t have a grip on coding. Surprisingly, there are many routes out there to choose from.

Mobile Web Builders

There are many services online that offer a tool for you to build your own mobile website. With these tools, you can add pages and content to your website by simply dragging and dropping or clicking through various settings menus.

Most of these services keep the non-coders in mind, and are usually quite cheap to use, so these tools are perfect if you need to make a website but lack the funds or coding knowledge.

Website Converters

These websites can be quite costly, but essentially transform an existing website into a mobile version. You’ll of course need a standard desktop website to work on first, but this is usually much easier than web builder tools, at a sacrifice from your wallet.

Hire a Mobile Website Developer

If you don’t feel comfortable taking any of the above routes in this mobile website tutorial, you could always take things to the next best level, and hire a mobile website developer to do the work for you. Find a good website developer, and you’ll have results you probably won’t be able to accomplish on your own.

This will of course be a more expensive option, but it should grant you the best possible results for your mobile website, and will allow you to include features that many other services don’t include, or functions that you don’t know how to code yourself. Get a free preview of your mobile website!