How to Adapt your Business to the Mobile Era

As society moves forward, mobile technology is starting to become a major part of our lives. We now rely on our smartphones for social, family, business, personal, leisurely & entertainment-related reasons.

Businesses Need Mobile

As a business, there is a lot to adapt to to ensure that as the mobile transition continues, your business isn’t left in the dust. Soon customers will expect quicker mobile services from your business straight from their smartphones and tablets, and if you strive to provide these kind of services as soon as possible, you’re not only keeping yourself from falling behind other businesses, but you’re also putting yourself a step ahead of any businesses that are yet to adapt to this change.

To get started, it’s already extremely important to have social profiles where customers can contact and interact with you quickly, so if you don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account for your business, now would be a good time to get one.

You can also use your social profiles to help boost recognition of your business and it’s services. You can encourage your followers to share your business page with their friends, and use trending topics to gather interest about your business. This is really part of social media marketing, but as mobile technology advances, it’s becoming just as much a social marketing scheme as it is a mobile marketing scheme.

Use Mobile Apps to Get Recognized

To better situate yourself into the world of mobile, you could also use apps like Foursquare to help gather recognition for your business. Foursquare is a GPS-enabled application that shows users businesses, places to eat and services in their vicinity, and allows them to search for certain places as well.

Having your business on an app like Foursquare will allow people visiting your location to learn about your business, and allow visitors of your business to share their visit with friends. You could also build a campaign to help gather interest towards your business by offering rewards to everybody that uses an app like Foursquare to ‘check-in’ to your place of business. When a person checks-in to a location, all of their friends will notice, and this is a great way to gain attention and allow your current customers to feel welcomed.

Why Mobile Websites Are Important

On top of this, it’s very important to have a mobile website. We’ve discussed multiple times here why mobile websites can greatly improve your businesses impressions on potential and returning customers and help to reach out to newer customers at the same time. A mobile website can help integrate all of the above services and more into a friendly, easy-to-use service. Mobile websites are generally better optimized for smartphones than a standard desktop website, and will allow quick access to important information about your business.

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