Customer Acquisition Through Mobile Websites

Thanks to the power of the internet, and more specifically mobile, it is now incredibly easy to put your business out there and build a name for yourself.

There are many strategies and tactics to get your name heard, and because the competition can be quite tough, some of these strategies can be complicated and time consuming. Luckily though, something as simple as creating a mobile website for your business can help you to improve your customer base.

Build a Mobile Website

By building a mobile website, not only are you {keeping your old customers coming back,}* but you are also building bridges to allow your business to bring new customers in.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to have embedded social tools into your mobile website. While it’s easy to do this from a desktop website, having these tools on your mobile website will allow quicker access to a customer’s social platforms. Visitors of your mobile website will easily be able to like, share, favorite and tweet about your website and business within seconds, and because of the convenience, visitors may feel more obliged to share what they see on your website to all of their friends and followers.

Mobile Website Services

If your mobile website offers a service that is only available on mobile, you are also opening yourself up to a larger potential customer base through search engine results. Those looking for a certain service for the desktop may be a different group of people to those that are looking for the service via mobile, so not only does mobile make things more convenient for your visitors, but it also opens up new branches for new visitors to the website.

You’ll also have the capabilities of reaching across multiple mobile operating systems with just one mobile website, allowing you to reach even more potential customers. If you were to create an app, you’d have to develop multiple applications to represent yourself across multiple app ecosystems, and this can be costly both profit and time wise.

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Mobile Web Customer Satisfaction

One other thing that is worth mentioning when considering customer acquisition through mobile websites is that a customer’s first opinion of your website will stick. If they reach your website and are sent to a slow-loading site optimized for desktop PCs, they may leave the website if they feel it doesn’t display itself well enough to warrant their trust towards your service.

For this reason, it’s always important to have a strong image on the internet, and as mobile usage grows, having a mobile website will be one of the strongest ways to boost your own online image.

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